We Should Learn About The Wide Variety of Military Watches

Breguet Type XX pilot watch

Collectors love military watches. It's as simple as that. Naval dive watches, such as the Rolex Submariners used by the British Ministry of Defense and the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watches used by the American Navy, are certainly the most collectable and fetch the highest prices. However they're not the only handsome and valuable military watches out there. Here are three pilot watches in Antiquorum's that are worth a look.

The Breguet Type XX is an anomaly for the brand. High complications and elegant dress watches are what most people expect from Breguet, but in the 1960s it made a few variations on a chronograph for the French military pilots. This one is the reference 3077, which has a distinctive "big eye" subdial at 3 o'clock to count out the minutes for the chronograph. The matte black dial has big luminous numbers and hands, plus the 12-hour rotating bezel for timing long flights.

 Zenith CP-2 Type

For a slightly simpler chrono, there's the Zenith CP-2 Type from circa 1960. It has just two resisters, with the minutes counter going up to 30 minutes for the chronograph. The bezel is actually like one you'd see on a dive watch, graduated in minutes with numerals at 15, 30, and 45. The chrono seconds hand has big luminous triangle at the tip and if you look at the bottom of the dial you'll see "A. Cairelli Roma," the boutique in the Eternal City that retailed these watches.

Longines Ref. 595 pilot's watch

And eventually the outlier: the Longines Ref. 595 pilot's watch isn't a chronograph at all and was made for the Czech military in 1935. There's a little red triangle mounted to the round bezel that can rotate and act as a marker for timing out an event and the hands look like something you might see on a World War I trench watch. The cushion-shaped case is anti-magnetic and it's a unique look in the world of military watches.