Founded by George Favre-Jacot at 1865 in Le Locle, Switzerland, Zenith combines watchmaking traditions.

One of Zenith’s most iconic watches is that the Zenith Pilot. In fact, when the famous French aviator Louis Blériot became the first person to fly across the English Channel, he had been wearing a Zenith Pilot watch. This marked Zenith’s long and rich history as one of the makers of pilot watches .

The very first Zenith Pilot watch that Blériot had was in a chrome-plated case. It comprised a black enamel dial with lugs and large Arabic numerals.

Zenith continues to offer a range of Pilot watches created for outdoorsmen that are busy, Now. Whether you’re gallivanting from the skies or racing on land, the Zenith Pilot watch has what an enthusiastic adventurer needs in a watch.

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