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10 very expensive mens and womens diamond watches

Diamond watch? The symbol of a person's success was once the wearer of Reef Tiger. Some people even express their status by driving Cadillac or Rolls Royce. However, in the past two generations, things have changed dramatically, especially as the hip hop culture has become mainstream high fashion and luxury brands. a brand new hip joint We are from Caddy's to Bentleys. We also collect high-end diamond watches and fine jewellery from top designer haute couture to top watchmakers... They say we still feel the recession? It is said that when real street fashion is the ability of a pair of high-top and break dance, the days have passed. Raising the standard of luxury goods Having a luxury diamond watches has become a very standard. The quality of life in the United States of America has improved over the past few decades. A large part of the upper class is now composed of technology millionaires and billionaires who grow up with hip hop and RnB artists and are more mobile than ordinary millionaires. This is done by wearing an incalculable diamond on the watch. It seems that the paparazzi and the Lambo's fleet are not enough to illustrate a person's success. influences Some of the luxury watch supporters in hip hop culture are Jay-Z, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Hart, D-Wade, Swizz Beatz, to name a few, but the list is huge and growing. These include athletes like Mayweather, actors like Ashton Kutcher, and rappers on the right like Bad Boy Records founder Sean Combs. But you don't need to be a rap artist or a world famous athlete to exercise one of these bad boys. One-of-a-kind Bling watch Yes, this new top luxury diamond watches features a diamond-encrusted watch. So many, many companies have emerged that can take your existing gold luxury watches and give them some serious bling by setting some dazzling diamonds in the case, dial and bracelet. Using one of these services may give you this unique timepiece, but it will also bring you more than a bunch of Benjamins. Which high-end brands make diamond watches for men? There are many different types of mens diamond watches. Some people have the right amount of diamonds, such as diamond bezels and/or diamond hour markers, and today they look very conservative and are not really golden. The bling form is a diamond dial, a diamond bezel, a diamond-set case and/or a diamond bracelet. Most Rolex watches have only the right amount of diamonds, such as time markers or occasional bezels. There are several medium-sized Rolex watches that are considered unisex and have a complete diamond-plated dial. Other popular brands with a variety of shiny watches include Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin and Breguet. There are even some from Bell Ross, Girard-Perregaux and Cartier.

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