Since its inception, has proven its capability to manufacture dive watches that withstand extreme conditions, earning the trust of professional divers worldwide. From adventures in the Arctic and Antarctic to climbing Mount Everest, our dive watches have endured the toughest environments.

One of the most notable milestones was when our dive watches withstood a depth of 1062 meters during a mission with the research submersible Shinkai 2000 in 1983. Although designed for depths of 600 meters, the watches showed no impact from the immense water pressure, further cementing their reputation as reliable tools for diving.

Our dive watches also exhibit excellent resistance to helium, a crucial feature for saturation diving where this noble gas can penetrate and cause issues in watches. While other manufacturers use helium escape valves to manage the pressure, Seiko has developed glass that is practically impermeable to helium, eliminating the risk of damage during dives.

These achievements have made our a preferred partner for professional divers and adventurers worldwide, and their watches are considered among the most reliable and durable for extreme conditions.

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