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WIRED tested the five best and highest quality diving watches

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Look, I know you come here for the watches, but I believe some of you remain for the swimming chat, so here's an upgrade -- and it is a sad one at that. I recently took my new-found swimming skills to the Maldives and also endeavoured to capture my triumphant splashing from the Indian Ocean with my drone camera. A drone camera I've had since November and never used or even opened. A drone I took to Australia and Southern Africa but was too scared to pare the plastic cap off.

New Book ‘Sea Time’ Is a Love Letter to Dive Watches

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For most of us jewelry professionals, Memorial Day weekend is the calm before the true storm--mentioned storm becoming Luxury and JCK Las Vegas.
However a new name from Rizzoli New York attracts all your sailing and scuba diving holiday dreams to life, using a focus of specific interest to jewelers and collectors. Sea Time: Watches Inspired by Sailing, Yachting and Diving explores a century of high-performing, Chronograph Watches and their role in water-sport experiences.