See what makes these mechanical masterpieces tick?

Submitted by udivewatches on Thu, 05/14/2020 - 02:40

Breitling Watch Movement
Breitling still relies on Lemania and ETA/Valjoux chronograph movements in some of its watch models. Following the inspiration of leading mens watch brands, the company was compelled to design its own movement and develop it’s own chronograph movement. Top features include Breitling’s escape wheel, designed to increase shock absorbing impacts, and the index-assembly which allows manual reset to the watch’s rate at a preferred speed. . Breitling’s B01 movement is manufactured in-house, giving the company complete control over the reliability and precision of its timepieces.

Patek Philippe Watch Movement
Patek Philippe’s Grand Complications collection features magnificent finishes on all parts, beautiful split-seconds lever construction, and a perpetual calendar feature. This highly coveted Patek Philippe mechanical watch movement offers the distinction of having been developed in-house. It is hand-wound, and relatively small compared to some other top watch movements; consisting of 496 parts, it is produced in limited quantities and is available only to a few fortunate buyers.