The world's first stylish diving watch with a helium release valve in the crown

Submitted by udivewatches on Tue, 05/26/2020 - 12:26


It assesses the systems and procedures involved in living hyperbaric and diving surroundings. Applying the identical principle of"Safety First" adopted from its very beginnings by BALL Dive Watch for its timekeepers, the NEDU's experiments have enabled new processes and new equipments to be designed to increase diving safety. Specifically, the NEDU established the decompression timetables which are a vital reference for all divers. In precisely the same manner, BALL Watch played a pioneering role in watchmaking by laying down as early as the end of the 19th century chronometric criteria used as the basis for the benchmark today's standards.

BALL View has therefore quite naturally devoted to this NEDU this new version which immediately strikes as being a powerful and characterful chronograph, both sporty and trendy. All facets of the timepiece are designed for its own use by professional artisans for whom every moment may be of critical significance. Attention has in particular been paid into the rotating bezel and its ergonomic contours ensuring precise handling even when wearing diving gloves. The bezel's unidirectional rotation avoids the dire effects that may result from any accidental motion when counting down underwater time. Produced in chromed pure black ceramic, the bezel is exceptionally resistant to corrosion, scratches and ultraviolet rays. Moreover, the numerals and graduation have voluntarily been oversized to make them immediately legible. A pioneer in ceramic processing, BALL Watch again utilizes its innovative application procedure for powerful luminous paint on the ceramic bezel indications.
A fundamental feature of any diving watch, the water resistance of this model is guaranteed to a thickness of 600 meters as a result of the rugged structure of its case that's 17.3mm at its thickest to get a diameter of 42mm. The case back is stamped with a diver motif echoing NEDU's official emblem. This patented BALL innovation has eradicated a potential surface liable to twist under the effects of water pressure, thus enhancing the chronograph's water resistance even farther. The crown is fitted with a patented security system that's used on all Engineer Hydrocarbon versions.
The core of the watch homes the benchmark chronograph quality using an ETA 7750 automatic movement that may quantify and indicate a lapse of time of up to 12 hours. COSC certificate is proof of the absolute precision of those hours, minutes, seconds and date and day display of this chronometer movement.
To stay visible even in the darkness of the deep, the dial's indicators and hands are fitted with luminous micro tubes of 3H gas. This state-of-the-art Swiss technology, the iconic touch of all BALL watches, requires no external source of light or energy while being around 100 times more effective than traditional luminous paints. BALL Watch has improved this process by attaching the dial micro tubes to alloy appliques. The new patented process enhances the effect of the micro tubes while also enhancing the diffusion of the light generated from the tritium gas. The voluntarily restrained style of the dial and the comparison between the cooperation, seconds hands and hand on the sub-dials provide the greatest assurance of exceptional legibility of all of the indications provided on this version.
Another particular feature of this model are the two chamfers cut into the case flange supporting the bezel that act like"drains" to ease the outflow of any water that may become lodged between these elements. This ingenious addition thought by BALL Watch helps fight any possible corrosion effect. The Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU is also protected from shocks with a force of around 7,500Gs and magnetic fields into an intensity of 4,800A/m. These security systems and measures make this a really robust chronograph. Together with the rubber strap that's by definition used on any diving watch, this version is also available with a stainless steel and ceramic bracelet using BALL Watch's patented triple folding buckle. The extension system means the view could be readily and securely worn around the wrist even over a diving suit. With the newest Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU, BALL Watch has confirmed its undeniable place among diving-watch designers.
Nowadays, more than ever, BALL Watch has been continuing its travel and asserting its position as a key protagonist in the quest of contemporary time and the development of watchmaking history.