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'Watches Open Doors' From A Singapore Collector

'Watches Open Doors' From A Singapore Collector

“The back of the watch is where the beauty lies,” said Ian Chang as he raised a GMT 6 watch by Kari Voutilainen that Mr. Chang had helped personalize, choosing its distinctive red hands. “The back is the first thing I look at. It’s a work of art.”Turning the watch over, he marveled at the balance springs and fingered the hand-polished edges.

Review- Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk Blue Watch

Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk Blue Watch

In 2012, Girard-Perregaux introduced a new collection of Sea Hawk watches that reinvented their classic high-performance dive watch. Because the debut of the collection, Girard-Perregaux has added a crowd of new models, but has also refined the collection properly. The most important area of improvement is how the watch wears on the wrist.

The Watches of Baselworld 2015 - Breitling

The Watches of Baselworld 2015 - Breitling

“Much have I traveled in the realms of gold...” wrote John Keats in “On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer,” a hymn to the joys of discovering great poetry.

Lovers of mechanical watches could experience a similar reaction upon first encountering a few exalted examples of the species: the Omega Seamaster, Rolex Daytona or the Patek Philippe Nautilus. Another watch capable of stoking the emotions, Breitling’s SuperOcean, has this year undergone a transformation without diluting its ability to lift the spirit.

Swiss Dive Watch - Blancpain

Blancpain Blue Dive Watch

When it comes to Swiss dive watches, this blue chrono from Blancpain is hard to ignore. The case is matte grey ceramic (highly cool, right?) and the blue dial looks vivid even in dim light. It houses the same in-house flyback chronograph movement as its black sibling and wears really well. The only downside is that the 250-piece limited edition is likely already sold out. $20,200

The Warmest Colour Is Blue?

Fifty Fathoms

Dressed in an emblematic blue, Ocean Commitment Bathyscaphe Chronographe Flyback is a limited edition of 250 pieces to mark Blancpain's marine preservation initiatives.And the blue colour theme extends from the dial to the unidirectional satin-brushed grey ceramic bezel with blue ceramic insert and liquid metal indexes.

The Eterna Super KonTiki Dive Watches

The Eterna Super KonTiki Dive Watches

As a matter of fact, we have a special-edition dive watch that's a bit of an oddity. The Eterna Super KonTiki, created in 1962, is a popular line of dive watches and a limited-edition model (right), spruced up for the modern age, has been released this year. Limited to 888 pieces, the Super KonTiki comes with three straps and a special strap change tool, as Eterna has smartly realised that guys like to mix things up - and with ease.

The Submariner Rolex Was Made Coolest By James Bond

The Submariner Rolex Was Made Coolest By James Bond

Actually,all you need to say is Submariner to win that instant look of recognition and envy that's half the reason people drop $8,550 on a wristwatch anyway. Not that that's such a jaw-dropping price. In this age of status watches, it's to find timepieces that cost more than a house easier. However dollar for dollar, those in search of status, style, form and function simply cannot do better than a Submariner. As its name suggests, it's a diver's watch, guaranteed waterproof to 330 meters . Nevertheless as its long list of celebrity fans suggest, the watch is just as famous on dry land.

"The Rolex Submariner has taken on an interesting life," said writer, author and luxury brand consultant Ariel Adams. "Because it's not just a steel dive watch, it's a Rolex steel dive watch, and everyone from politicians to actors to soldiers wear it."

Free Dive Ambassador Guillaume Néry - Ball Dive Watches

Ball  Dive Watches For Man

Because of the release of his 2010 short film Free Fall, Guillaume Néry stunned the world .And the world-champion French free diver and Ball Watches brand ambassador explores the depths of the sea within "Dean's Blue Hole" - the deepest as ocean cavity in the world. The resulting cinematic experience became a spectacular viral video: if you haven't seen it yet, it will blow your mind.  And currently Néry is back with a new film, Ocean Gravity (above), following in the wake of some stunning watch collaborations.

For meeting a living fossil ,Blancpain takes part in an expedition.

Blancpain Expedition

Recently Blancpain  worked together with globally renowned diver and naturalist Laurent Ballesta, researchers from the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, scientists from the Museum of National History and the French National Research Institute. The group went to South Africa on a 40 day deep water diving expedition to meet with a legendary living fossil. The Coelacanth, measures two metres long and was thought to have become extinct about 70 million years ago, until it was discovered alive in 1938.

Form Meets Function ,IWC Aquatimer Deep Three

IWC Aquatimer Deep Function

When it comes to dive watches go, the triumvirate of reliability, comfort and functionality is all that matters.  Hugely rarely does one come across a dive watch – or any piece of dive equipment, really – that stresses on aesthetics. But that doesn’t mean dive equipment tends to be useful but ugly. Far from it, they have a distinctive, utility-driven exterior that is always a result of some functional necessity; buttons and knobs offer maximum grip, displays are sharp and clearly defined, cases and covers are strong and robust.