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Watches are not only men's accessories, women wear watches as well.

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Watches are not only men's accessories, but women wearing watches are also very temperamental and fashionable. But most women wear watches more casually, and everyone wears them differently. So what's so particular about wearing ladies' watches? Today, the editor will talk about this issue. The watch can reflect the independence and self-esteem of women. A luxurious and high-end watch is a symbol of the identity of a successful person, including many women. With the rise and development of the watch industry, watches have become a luxury.

Pacific Watch Recommended : World's First Waterroof Wooden Watch, Pacific Standard Time Co

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Let's get to know this watch.

The Pacific Standard Time Co. started by a group of friends with diverse backgrounds from Palau, Philippines, Japan, Samoa, and Hawaii. They wanted to create a watch out of locally source materials in various regions around the Pacific Ocean, the largest body of water in the world. The watches are 100% original in design made from woods, stones, and metals. This their way of showing what the Pacific has to offer.